Converter® process effectiveness was tested from the Second University of Naples during a trial period in the hospital of Massa (Tuscany region) Stabilimento Ospedaliero della Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio Ricerca Medica e di sanità Pubblica, Ospedale del Cuore. OMPECO is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and all the Converters are CE marked.

Professor Marinelli declares that “No one spore has survived in any one of the monitored 5 treatment cycles.” and that the parameters of the discherging water “The examined parameters enter in the limits accepted by the rule D. Lgs 152/06, and can be sent to the sewerage system or as well through cleared firms as waste-water.”

The OMPECO Ltd. which owns an international patent is identified in a series  of regulations and  guidelines developed by the  International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which defines the  requirements for the  construction, quality system management, business processes, implementation processes and customer satisfaction approaches.

OMPECO is ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality  Management Systems accredited


iso 14001
iso 9001

OMPECO also has obtained a NATO code for its production machinery.

The NATO Codification System is a Standardization Agreement approach to identify, classify and number items of supply and assign an NSN (NATO Stock Number) to each item of supply. For these reasons, the NCS system was unanimously accepted and adopted by all nations that signed the Treaty of the Atlantic Alliance.

It is based on the  principle <one item  – one number>, as an NSN identifies one and only item of supply. By doing so, one avoids logistics duplication and the following results are obtained: consolidated supplies; effective use of stockpiles and their eventual reuse within interforce; use of obsolete parts and / or of those no longer in use on systems still online, may be those provided by other Armed Forces (AF).

OMPECO Ltd is NATO: NCAGE CODE:AH649 certified.

Moreover, The OMPECO possesses a RINA code. This certification is performed by an independent third  party as assurance of compliance of management system relating to a product or service requirements as defined by regulatory reference standards.

The certification has  enabled OMPECO address its target market with  high  quality standards, which ensure quality,  sustainability and  efficiency in the management and  production processes, in the administration of personnel and  environmental protection processes.

Certifying compliance with  the  international standards, RINA SERVICES helps  organizations protect themselves from  the  unskilled competition and  gives the  consumer the  opportunity to guide their  purchasing decisions based on objective parameters.